The body is the prisoner of our misperceptions.


We are moving into harmonic alignment with the truth as more people are having their 3rd eye blasted open and having the decoding and activation of their DNA and the restoration of their innate human abilities. We can never escape ourselves we face ourselves eventually. There is no distance in thought and what one experiences everyone is experiencing. Indeed, we are one.

Having gone through the polarities and ups and downs of wakening to the facts of life has been difficult because I (we) did not have the wherewithal to not get caught up in shame, blame, and guilt. Being kind to oneself is imperative at this time. Realize that the higher aspect of self is unconditional and holds all the information available in any given moment.

Realize, we are always in alignment with source, we have a distorted perception of who and what we are after eons of cultural and religious indoctrination. Holding onto a distorted perception of ourselves is keeping us from experiencing the totality of who and what we are….

I am, we are, source…. the source of our own creation….the projector and the projected and the intelligent life force that animates it.

We have allowed others that wish to remain in separation consciousness to dictate our experience of life….

I (we) have been made to believe that I (we) are the programmed mind in expression and that the body is just a vessel…. once you have awakened you know this is not true…


                                                                                             The body is the prisoner of our misperceptions.


I am, we are, infinite intelligence and unlimited potential and the body is infinite intelligence and unlimited potential limited by our belief in the story and attachment to the programming….

It is in awareness that we can recognize where we are out of harmonic resonance with ourselves as a result of the illusion of separation….

In every given moment the “Universe” (our present moment) is giving us an opportunity to recognize ourselves by showing us the story we have running individually and collectively….

Do people believe that life will be boring if they resolve their addiction to polarized perceiving and thinking and the addiction to the “charged emotional body?”

I (we) now declare my conscious and conscientious choice to break free from the limitations imposed by living from the programmed mind and make a commitment to “know thy self” so that I can be of assistance to bringing heaven on earth.

I (we) have decided to honor my (our) commitment to Higher Truth and have made the choice to not play in delusions and to step fully into the natural world and declare this stance now.

I  (we) know that when seeing the reality of things from the highest perspective of love is where I (we) can make a real difference.

I (we) now realize that love is the foundational intelligent energy that supports all life and has a harmonic resonant frequency and can be described as Ullu Love which has the ability to transcend and transmute all that is not of it.

I (we) now make a conscious and conscientious choice to break free from the “false light matrix” keeping my psyche in victimization and the autonomic nervous system of my body and body chemistry in fight or flight and choose to make a conscious and conscientious choice to bring:

stillness to my mind

love to my heart

calm to my spirit!!!!

I (we) make the commitment to have the awareness so that  I (we) may fulfill my(our) destiny to experiencing heaven on earth by “walking softly upon the earth and standing strongly in my knowing”. 

Now that I (we) have decided nothing can break my (our) resolve to be free of sin by collapsing all conflictions and contradictory thoughts and ideas in my (our) field/mind!

It matters not what others choose to do or not do it does not change the fact that my (our) will is inviolate as I am aligned with Divine Will!!

We are eternally grateful to all the people dedicated to bringing the light of truth to the people incarnating to mother earth. I am (we are) receiving these transmissions with heart and mind and arms wide open. 

The purified heart gives clarity to the senses and makes sense of the senseless!


  The only one that can diagnose the  

  purity of our hear  is ourselves!  

I am (we are) infinite, unbounded, and limitless love

ullu love (unconditional love love love unconditional love) 

My (our) will be done on earth as it is in heaven

as I (we) align with the new consciousness

 a new way of interacting with the earth

this new way of showing up

is waiting to be birthed through me (us)….

I am (we are) that, I am (we are)

    One Love    

    One Living Consciousness    



     This will assist those that are in pain, misery, depressed, and generally unwell…


Say outload joyfully and lovingly: “If this situation is not Divinely guided and has been created from my/her own misguided imagining when I acted from fear and not faith

I now cast the burden of fear on the superconscious the Christ within and I go free from carnal mind to be fully embodied as the Divine Design to be loving, harmonious, and happy. My will and God’s will be one. I give thanks under the Law of Grace and the Law of One-the Law of Love that it is done in a perfect way…

Infinite Divine Spirit we call on the Law of Grace and the Law of One-the Law of Love for this situation and everyone involved in my life experience.

We give thanks that I and everyone involved are under grace and under these laws therefore I cannot lose my right to freedom, or wholeness,

or wholesomeness, or lose my Divine Design as these are mines be Divine Right.

I give thanks under the Law of Grace the Law of One-the Law of Love that it is done in a perfect way…”



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